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User Experience | Mom & Pop - Pizza Shop

Project Scope:

This project is being undertaken to create a pizza order and delivery system for a brand new "mom and pop" type startup pizza shop. This will be a system for pickup and delivery only business and the restaurant dining options are out of scope.


This new system will allow to store customer information including name, address, phone and payment types - checking, saving, credit, debit, cash etc. It will also allow to search customers by phone number or name and address. The system will also allow to store additional information to locate address such as proximity to landmarks, intersections etc.


Paper Prototype

This new system provides GUI for customer and order entry. It will display full menu of items available. The users can select the size of the pizza, crust type, various toppings including the option for light, normal or extra and to include beverages in the order. At this time the promotional offers are out of scope for this project and can be considered in future releases.

The users can add or remove payment types for each customer and for each order the payment type used will be stored and this information will be available on demand.

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