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State Farm Bank wanted to reimagined the deposit products and homepage design so we partnered with the research team to understand the customers mental model towards the current banking products. We concluded with a new understanding of customer wants. As a group, we discussed each of the finds to broaden the experience. Which included: Rearchitecting Bank's web domain, increase visibility to state farm banking products and create an ecosystem for state farm bank mobile customers. 

banking Deposit Ecosystem

03_L0 Bank Page_Thumbnail.jpg

Ecosystem Maps Deposits.jpg


Before & After

Left - Old Design          |         Right - New Design Templates

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The Process

We conducted workshop with Product Owners, UX Designers, Researchers, Analytics & SEO team to complete an analysis of the current state for Statefarm Bank. We compiled the findings into a SWOT analysis document & compared it to the future proposed architecture. We ended up with a solid understanding of customer feedback, and SEO suggestions to help improve the overall experience.  

Ideation - Wireframing

Banking & Loans Landing Page Design - Live View


A Visual Tour

Global IA Sitemap & Taxonomical structure

OldArchitecture Audit.jpg

Architecture & Taxonomy

The primary problems with the current website involve organization schemes, taxonomical labeling, navigation and searching. The following strategies and recommendation are aimed at providing solutions to the State Farm Web Domain.


  • After the Tree Testing, for a few customers, it took some thinking process for them to find loans under banking. So, we suggest changing Banking to “Banking & Loans. 
  • Separate Finances into - Banking & Loans and Investment. This gives a clear distinction to each product.

NAvigation structure

Old State - Navigation


Future State Navigation


Banking Tab - Navigation Redesign

 With testing we observed that drop downs did not test well. Customers did not recognize Banking as a State Farm product to due the hierarchy of the financial labeling, so we decided to retest the tab structure. This time we exposed more elements in the navigation and completely gave prominence to Banking . 


  • Completely separating Banking from Finances. This will help expose bank as a separate tower and increase its findability to customers. 
  • Dividing Finances into Banking and Investments, alleviates confusion and provides lucid direction to customers and beneficial to SEO.

Wireframes & Designs